Charming Segovia

There is something about visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site. SEGOVIA, the capital of Segovia province is one of them. A city in the autonomous region of Castile and Leon in Spain. A picturesque old city that preserved its historical iconic structures. Modernized in a way, with an amazing iconic monument at the heart of the city, that was considered one of the best preserved and most magnificent works that the Romans left behind.
Leaving the hustle and bustle city of Madrid for a while, I booked a whole day trip to Segovia and Avila through However, this blog will be focus on Segovia alone. I just love the idea of visiting places outside the city through organized trip via travel agencies when I travel solo. It gives me peace of mind traveling with fellow tourists and travelers.
For those who want to explore Segovia by themselves, the city can be reach by train in 45 min. (cost: 21-30 euros), bus in 1 hr. 38 min. (cost: 7-11 euros) and by taxi in 1 hr. and 2 min. (cost: 110-150 euros).
Walking in this charming old town where the architecture is an evident reflection of the different cultures and religions that shows in the layout of its neighborhoods, streets and its houses. A mixture of middle aged, renaissance and modern architecture that blends well with the Gothic and Romanesque structures of its iconic monuments. A view of the Roman aqueduct that is located at the heart of the city will welcome you with excitement in wanting to explore more this well preserved impressive historical place.


is said to be built in 50 BC by the Romans. It was used to bring water into Segovia from Rio Frio, a distance of 15 km. Originally built to supply water to the Roman military fort on the hill. It was an astounding monument that delights the eye of travelers and tourists alike. A remarkably well preserved that gives a magnificent setting of the historic city of Segovia. Based from research, it was built of some 24,000 dark-coloured Guadarrama granite blocks without the use of mortar. The above ground portion is 728 meters long and consists of some 165 arches more than 9 meters high. In the center a dip in the terrain necessitated two tiers of arches where the structure stands 28.5 meters above ground level.
For me, Segovia aqueduct is one of the most spectacular work that Romans ever made I’ve seen so far outside Italy. It’s spectacular, massive and truly a work of art that stand the test of time.

Alcazar Castle

is situated on a hilltop that was once the residence of the Royal Family during the 12th and 13th century. The Alcázar was originally built as a fortress but has served as a royal palace, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College and a military academy since then. It is currently used as a museum and a military archives building.
Looking at the castle itself makes you feel like looking to a fairytale Disney castle. An enchanting exterior that reflects a grandeur feeling of majesty. Inside, a fascinating colorful interior that shows the influence of Arabs and Romans. A setting for royalties that once lived in this castle makes you feel how a king, queen, prince or princess lived and served in luxury just like those in fairytale movies. Totally awesome!

Segovia Cathedral in Plaza Mayor

this 16th century  Renaissance Gothic style Roman Catholic cathedral is situated in Plaza Mayor, known to be the highest point of the town. Construction of the cathedral started in 1525 and completed in 1768.

Just like other European cities, Segovia is full of stunning views and iconic monuments worth visiting. The story that goes along this captivating old town makes you feel like walking through history.
Footprints of kings, queens, Romans and Arabs to name a few, leave a distinct presence in this great city that cannot be erase by time. Segovia is a city that will blow your inner desire as a traveler to explore, learn and feel the beauty of its story, architecture, monuments, people and history.


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  1. something to take note of. Sonit seems the
    Modern Cinderella that stars Anne Hatheway, m I correct was based on or inspired by this place? the castle seems to be the same and the place it is Segovia. Im proud of you Jhune for sharing your blog. God bless your trips

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