National September 11 Memorial Museum

September 11, 2001 –  the day the earth seemed to stand still… the day the world witnessed an attack like no other… the day where nearly 3,000 innocent, precious lives were loss tragically… the day that changed the world!
In time with the 16th anniversary of the fateful 9/11, I would like to share my solemn experience that I will never forget when I visited the “National September 11 Memorial Museum,” from the World Trade Center in New York City.

IMG_2475 DSC08004 DSC07993

The 9/11 memorial and museum is an inspiring symbol of American resilience over terrorism. It contains two large waterfalls and reflecting pools, each about an acre in size, set within footprints of the Twin Towers that fell on 9/11. The memorial infinity pools are truly stunning and a very serene way to represent lost lives.

DSC07991 IMG_2486

The name of every person who died in 2001 and 1993 attacks are inscribed into bronze panels edging the memorial pools.

DSC08006 DSC08006


The museum indeed gave me a solemn experience with too many things to reflect on the tragic event. The many unanswered questions and confusion on the hatred and cruelty of mankind nowadays… WHY?
It gave me a better understanding of the impact that 9/11 had on the world we live today. The museum is complete with so many memorabilia on display, prompting any visitor to contemplate and feel sad. Various pictures, articles, artifacts and recordings left behind in and rescued from the rubble are shown, and some films are available for viewing.

IMG_2494 13241270_10154861873312782_6131780659789294451_n

13178766_10154861874897782_1981911054552620782_n 13177112_10154861873402782_8279742301502425457_n

13178864_10154861874247782_2628724457197731105_n 13626498_1306053286090040_5744736711651169388_n

IMG_2500 IMG_2507

13680977_1306051869423515_2609245308439458065_n IMG_2512

13177563_10154861873522782_3493493562167221201_n IMG_2497

DSC08027 DSC08026

The one that got my attention is the wall with a quote from Virgil. Based from researched, the installation surrounding the “No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time,” a Virgil quote is called “Trying to Remember the Color of the Sky on that Tuesday Morning.” The artist Spencer Finch designed the installation. He painted 2,983 watercolors to represent each of the victims of the tragic attack. It shows the uniqueness of each individual who loss their lives.


IMG_2508 13177994_10154861873672782_4701446831328473919_n


I visited several museums in some parts of the world, but this is so far the most emotional and moving experience I ever felt inside a museum. It is breathtakingly tragic and heroic at the same time. The deafening silence inside the museum says it all.
I would like to close this blog with a prayer for every individual who loss their lives in that tragic attack, and I pray that nobody anywhere else in the world has to live through a day like that again.



9/11 Memorial Museum Information
Open Daily
Sun-Thu 9 AM-8 PM last entry at 6 PM
Fri & Sat 9 AM-9 PM last entry at 7 PM
Adult: $24            Senior: $18             Children: $15
an average visit takes approximately 2 hours



4 thoughts on “National September 11 Memorial Museum

  1. Last time I was there, which was about two years ago on Sept. 11th, it was still being built. Good to know that it looks amazing and appropriately pays respects to those who risked and lost their lives in this event.

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  2. if you recall this september 11,2001 a huge cathastrophe to those family victims lets just have to pray that the pain that they still feel until now after a years is totally remove from thier hearts so sad😭😭😭

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