Sunset at Santa Monica, CA

I always make it a point to see sunrise or sunset when I travel in other places. This photo was taken at the Pacific Park in Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California. One of the most stunning sunset indeed.

santa monica sunset

Truly surprising that sunset brings peace to my spirit and mind. It relaxes my whole body after a long day of sight seeing when I travel. Sunset is one of the most magical moments in a day, as the sun neared the horizon with the accompanying atmospheric effects and turning its color from blue to majestic yellow, purple or orange… truly spectacular.
Sunrise and sunset reminds us that no matter where we are, there’s always a day to begin with and a day to end. That everyday is a blessing. That there’s another day to have a second chance… to reflect, to forgive, to forget, to learn, to move on, to do something good, to repent and to realize that life is so beautiful to be miserable.


7 thoughts on “Sunset at Santa Monica, CA

  1. sunrise for me is a symbol of a lucky beginning & sunrise is closing time but it doesn’t mean to say you have to stop but the future awaits us…sunrise & sunset is a good example of bringing your life to another pathways 👣

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