Breathtaking Mt. Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland

Swiss Alps is like a canvas painted into perfection because of its scenic picturesque beauty that is incredibly stunning. A place that looks like a majestic backdraft of a fairytale story that is beyond imaginable. Breathtakingly beautiful… mother nature at its best!
From Zurich, we took a tour bus ride that leads to a gorgeous scenic route to Lucerne where you can admire the lovely countryside. I knew it will be a tiring whole day trek but this one is the most comfortable tour I ever had. Just like my previous road trips, I booked this one with, an online tour guide. It was run by “Best of Switzerland Tours” from Zurich.

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It was a dream come true to experience wandering in one of Europe’s stunning countryside. Engelberg is one of those Swiss Alpine village that is truly charming, elegantly immaculate and a peaceful suburb that is astonishingly organized. It is situated within the Uri Alps mountain range. A picture perfect in every angle that is surrounded by major mountain summits such as Mt. Titlis in the south.


7 27

Fresh air and plenty of moderate sunshine welcomes us with a backdraft of lovely snow-capped rugged mountain. I just want to totally disintegrate myself from the group tour because I prefer a slow and quiet pace in exploring the area of Engelberg. My kind of place for a weekend getaway where you just want to relax and enjoy the view.

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32 31

Strolling in such a pristine small village, having a snack in a local cafe and admiring its rustic and distinct character in Central Switzerland is more than impelling. I just love everything that I am experiencing. Everywhere is indeed eye-popping.

1 30

29 28


After almost 3 hours of wandering, it’s time to experience the charm of Mt. Titlis. We first ride the gondola titlis express up to the intermediate station. Then transfer to Titlis Rotair, the world’s first rotating aerial cable way that brings us all the way  to the top of the summit. The air felt ice cold as we came closer to the top of the peak.

24 25

15 20

Mt. Titlis is approximately 3,020 meters (10,000 ft.) above sea level. With that said, the air was chilling and mumbling at the summit, but my excitement over power those feeling. A breathtaking panoramic view awaits everyone at the top.

17 21 26

Titlis Cliff Walk is Europe’s highest suspension bridge that opened in December 2012. To experience walking over it is absolutely enchanting. It gives a wide range of scenic views across the Alps. Truly breathtaking. I just can’t take my eyes off enjoying this phenomenal views of Mt. Titlis.

IMG_20160221_152021 27 the-highest-suspension

Do not miss to take a chairlift ride on the Ice Flyer for an incredible experience.This one is more relaxing. It’s like flying above the clouds where everything you see was covered with snow. It seems pure, serene and truly unflappable. I will never outgrow the excitement of seeing snow. It beautifies everything it covers.



Another attraction is the Glacier Cave. A 150 meters long walkway that descends 10 meters below the surface of the glacier, while the temperature inside remains -1.5 degrees centigrade. A setting of a dim turquoise-blue light makes the cave looks inviting and cool experience. The ice here are said to be 5,000 years old. Amazing as it sounds, for me it seems like an image of a blue tunnel in eternal ice.

19 a

After all the activities, it’s time to relax in one of the restaurants at the summit. Kinda expensive, though the view is what makes it different. How often do we have a meal with a rugged mountain covered with snow as a view? Spectacular indeed!


DSC05491 DSC05361

It’s neither a dream nor the reality. Such a beautiful and impressive scenery. A place of winter majestry. A backdraft of natural splendid. Snowy oasis amidst rugged mountains. Not even the most elaborate paintings can compare with nature. Pictures does not give justice to this magical beauty of nature, you need to be there to see it with your own eyes and experience the beauty of Engelberg and Mt. Titlis. Absolutely stunning! Truly mother nature at its best.











10 thoughts on “Breathtaking Mt. Titlis, Engelberg, Switzerland

  1. Its like you’re bringing us to where you’ve been. Thank you for sharing your great experience…. More places…. more of Gods wonderful creation!

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  2. Wow! I totally believe you when you say every view is breathtaking. Picture perfect in any angle. Truly, you are one lucky guy to have seen and experienced the beauty of God’s majestic creations.

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