Marhaba Dubai

Dubai is an enormously attractive city that is continuously evolving as a hub for travelers. While Dubai’s development as a futuristic city of modernity and class, you’ll still find the Old Dubai being preserved, loved and embraced by its people, expatriates and visitors from all over the world.
It always feels like my first time when I visit Dubai, because it keeps expanding and creating something new for visitors. With world class landmarks, impressive vast magnificent buildings and countless sky scrappers, exciting attractions and stunning coastlines. Dubai is indeed my favorite city in the Middle East.

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From being a vast area of desert with several areas remains uninhibited, to how it presently looks with its towering modern infrastructures. Dubai emerged as one of the best destination after reinventing itself from being a desert to a modern city like no other.
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What better way to have a perfect view of the city is visit the most prominent and iconic symbol of Dubai the “Burj Khalifa.” The world tallest building at the moment with a towering height of 828 meters with 160 floors. Truly massive!

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A sky scrapper of futuristic shape and design that is said to be inspired by the geometric of a regional desert flower and the pattering systems embodied in Islamic architecture. It stand majestically at the heart of the city with a huge dancing fountain on the ground. Visit “The Top,” on the 124th floor where you can step at the world’s highest outdoor observatory at 555 meters. The view from the top is stunning and the Dubai fountain can be seen there.


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On the way to Burj Khalifa is the massive contemporary Dubai Mall. If shopping is a serious business for you, then this is your paradise haha! I hate shopping huh! I am happy with small cheap souvenirs when I travel… okay, I don’t have a budget to shop haha! Luckily the mall offers unparalleled retail mix combined with world class dining, entertainment and leisure attractions like Dubai Aquarium and Olympic size ice rink just to name a few.

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Burj Al-Arab is often referred to as the world’s only 7-star hotel. Designed to resemble the sail of a ship built in a man-made island. Truly a symbolic place of opulence and luxury. Hoping to have a budget next time to at least have a meal in one of its restaurant haha!

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Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2 km long waterway. The canal’s waterfall comes from a bridge that passes the waterway. It’s like a curtain of lighted water flowing down from one side of the bridge that close and open automatically when a small boat or yacht is passing through it.

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Dubai Parks & Resort offers three theme parks, the Legoland, Motiongate and the Bollywood Park. Each gives different attractions. My favorite was the different world’s iconic landmarks built using Lego pieces and the Bollywood Park that is very impressive with its tantalizing colors and structures that will transport you to the famous Mumbai street of India.
Legoland  Dubai


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Bollywood Park


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Take a ride on Abra boat (water taxi) across the Dubai Creek and explore the old city of Deira. A lovely stroll along the boardwalk of the creek is enough to revel in the pleasant atmosphere of the area.

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Souk Madinat Jumeirah is my favorite souk in Dubai because of its Arabic Middle Eastern architecture. A stunning shopping complex with restaurants, cafes and a water canal where you can ride an Abra to explore its surrounding with traditional Arabic houses and structures. You’ll experience a traditional shopping with modern flair in this gorgeous market. An ambiance of perfect combination of old and new.

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Take time to visit “Dubai Museum” for a more understanding of its people, religion, culture and history.


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A side trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai is a visit to the first Ferrari branded theme park in the world, the “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.” This enormous sports car themed amusement park is home to the world’s fastest roller coaster at 240 km/hr (150 mph) named as “Formula Rossa”. An exhilarating experience if you’re into such kind of adventure. A crazy speed for thrill seeking people like me haha!



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No trip in Dubai is complete without experiencing “Desert Safari.” It’s amazing how lovely the desert is, where the sand is stunning under the rays of the sun. Through a 4×4, we experienced the adrenaline rush of Dubai safari going up and down from the towering sand dunes at the middle of the Dubai desert. Indeed a popular thing to enjoy and I had so much. Sand bashing is awesome!


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The desert safari was followed by a traditional dinner with Arabic entertainment in one of the desert camp. It was a setting that truly characterize an Arab Bedouin life in the desert, complete with lovely belly dancers and other entertainment that makes it an authentic Arabian experience. There’s a camel ride, shisha and women can have a hena tattoo. Indeed a night to remember!



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To see the vast area of Dubai desert from another dimension is truly astonishing. I cannot asked for a better view to witness the beauty of this stunning scenery of massive sand dunes other than by a “Hot Air Balloon” experience.

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The view is spectacular! Knowing that how it looks like at the moment will dramatically change due to weather condition and wind direction, it just make you appreciate it even more.



I just like to revel the moment on seeing how peaceful the desert is. That for the longest time living in the Middle East, I never appreciate the desert the way I am right now. Just simply breathtaking! A scene that will forever be in my mind and yes in my heart.


The smooth take off is exhilarating. The bird’s eye view of the massive desert and to witness the sunrise on that perspective is truly spectacular!
The landing was not as what we expected. It was due to strong wind, we landed on the side of the hot air balloon basket. We are safe and unhurt, the experience becomes more unforgettable because of that epic landing haha!


Such an enticing challenge to visit a very diverse city that gives the world a harmonious combination of old and new. A city full of surprises yet remain mysterious in some ways. Just like the Bedouin who first live in the desert regions. The date palm which has been an integral part of Middle Eastern countries history, that provided a staple food for the Bedouin people. That was long time ago, though the desert… the Bedouin… and the date palm will always be there no matter how modern and futuristic Dubai right now and in the future ahead.
Dubai is a global city, a shoppers paradise, a business hub, a tourist destination and a travelers haven. There’s something in store for everyone, and I am ready to explore more about this enticing city of Dubai… a city that keeps on re-inventing and changing.

Marhaba DUBAI!




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  1. When i started reading and looking those uploaded pictures it feels like i travelled already in that place…thats what i felt right now hahaha…simple words to describe “beautiful”

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