Lucerne, Switzerland

European countries always surprises me with gorgeous small towns outside the hustle and bustle of its main cities. LUCERNE and its charming Old Town in central Switzerland is one of them. A picture postcard perfect location because of its impressive atmosphere on the shores of Lake Lucerne and Mt. Pilatus and Rigi within sights.
Truly an enthralling place worth visiting even for a very brief moment to stopover… actually it deserves to be more than just a place to stopover.
Places like the scenic town of Lucerne is what makes my trips everywhere indelible because it makes me realized that traveling is what I really wanted to do. To see and experience the best and most beautiful places the world has to offer is beyond amazing.
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Lucerne is best savored by slowing down, breath in the atmosphere and enjoy every moment. Treat yourself and people watch in one of its lovely cafe’s within the Reuss River, or take time over a long lunch while admiring the picturesque town and its architecture.


4 5
A lovely place to walk around, snap pictures and visit some of its attractions. If you’re tired from a long hours of travel coming from Zurich, just simply relax and absorb the tranquil atmosphere of this exquisite town.



A stroll across the 14th century historic Chapel Bridge, that spans the Reuss River is really amazing. Capture photographs of the 43 meters high Water Tower that adjoin the famous structure.

12 13

CHAPEL BRIDGE (Kapellbrucke) is the town’s most recognizable landmark, a 204 meters (669 ft.) long is a covered wooden footbridge that crosses the Reuss River diagonally was originally built in 1333.

10 15

It is stunningly beautiful at the center of this town surrounded with typical state of the art colorful buildings that is very impressive. It is said to be the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, as well as the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge. Don’t forget to admire the original 17th century paintings hanged below its roof. They are triangular and depicts events from the history and legends of Lucerne.


DSC05194 DSC05195

Visit one of the city’s most loved monuments, the “Dying Lion of Lucerne.” Designed by Danish Sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and carved in 1821 by Lukas Ahorn. It is said that the monument was created to commemorate the regiment of Swiss Guard which was massacred in 1792 at Tuileries Palace in Paris during French Revolution.


1 3

Or just simply admire the beauty and serenity of Lake Lucerne. The swans, ducks and doves who seems enjoying their stints giving everyone a show of their gracious moves on the lake while waiting for anyone to throw something for them to eat.





Though my visit is indeed very short, I was completely blown away how lovely Lucerne is. There is more to see and experience in this town. Any random hole in the wall in this mesmerizing town will provide the best variety of anything a traveler is looking for. A visit is worth every precious time you have.
Just like a piece of cake… Lucerne is a little piece of perfection with complex flavor that you’ll definitely enjoy, love and will never forget.




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