Los Angeles

The City of Angels is truly flashy, intriguing and overwhelmingly creative and diverse in all aspect. Truly the most vibrant city is the Western Hemisphere. Walking through the street of Los Angeles seems like walking in one of those popular TV series or movies. A gateway to stardom to those who seek a place in the entertainment industry. Dream big… it’s Hollywood… and show business is a serious business in La La Land!
I was already kinda exhausted traveling several states from the East Coast before heading to LA. With that said, my first visit was more on to meet my childhood friend and a very good friend way back in college, both I haven’t seen for the longest time. Anyway traveling is not just about the place, it’s meeting people and not to mention to visit family and friends who are living from the other side of the world haha!

IMG_3754 IMG_1720

As a seasoned gadabouter, I believed that first visit anywhere is completely different to the next one. Not that I did not enjoy LA the first time… it’s just that I am more acquainted the second time around.
No matter how short your visit is, there’s always time to go around, explore and have fun! LA is one of those places where most of the attractions are free… well, not quite but a handful sounds great.
Hollywood Walk of Fame is perhaps one of the most known attraction along Hollywood Boulevard. A sidewalk area emblazoned with starts and celebrity names of more than 2,600 famous actors, actresses, celebrities and yes even cartoon characters.

IMG_4075 DSC02617

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre a historic and cultural landmark that hosts movie premiers and immortalizes hand and footprints of famous stars. Such an iconic opulent theater that is just within the hollywood walk of fame.

IMG_4090 IMG_4091

Hollywood Sign was erected in 1923, this tinseltown symbolic landmark  on Mount Lee is often viewed from Griffith Park Observatory.


Santa Monica Pier and Beach has the approachable vibe of a beach town with the attractions of a major city.


IMG_3836 IMG_3850

Perhaps my favorite place in LA at the moment! It is said that Route 66 begins in Chicago, but here is where it ends. The pier offers many shops, play land attraction, food stalls and restaurants.

IMG_3838 DSC02762

But what makes it really a popular destination is for you to witness one of the most spectacular sunset. Truly stunning!

IMG_3886 DSC02789

The Grove is an open air mall with lots of shops, restaurants and cafe. It has a trolley that ferries quests from one end of the mall to the other. Honestly, the Grove  makes me feel I’m really in LA. The stuff that looks beautiful that you see in TV series and movies. The Grove seems to have that charisma haha! It is like a fabricated atmosphere that everything seems pleasant.

IMG_4144 IMG_3767

Rodeo Drive is synonymous with luxury and affluence. Shopping haven of the rich and famous. Anyway I’m not rich and definitely not famous haha! Truly not my cup of tea, but friends wanted to see the place. Thank goodness all shops are close during the wee hours. I just want to see the “Beverly Wilshire Hotel,” the exterior of which was prominently featured in the movie “Pretty Woman.”


Universal Studios Hollywood offers behind the scenes peek into movie-making. The theme park offers some rollicking roller coasters as well as high tech virtual reality action rides like the “3D Transformer Ride” which is my all time favorite. Truly an exhilarating ride! And not to forget the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”


DSC08977 IMG_3949


There are more to see and explore hopefully on my next visit. Oh and not to mention, the food scene is so diverse that LA truly is one heck of a culinary punch!
When I travel I always see to it that I am in a good accommodation whether it is a hostel,  apartment or hotel.
During my 2 visit in LA, I stayed in ELAN HOTEL, located in Beverly Boulevard. This modern boutique hotel is walking distance to Beverly Center with numerous restaurants, cafes and shopping choices.

IMG_4305 IMG_4306 IMG_4307

As a solo traveler, I highly recommend this awesome hotel with comfortable room, continental breakfast, free wi-fi and the evening wine and cheese is awesome! Such a lovely treat to its guests. Lastly, the service is truly excellent. Thank you to the staff especially to Mr. Hofilena!

IMG_3883 (2) IMG_4033

Los Angeles… La La Land… or the City of Angels is a sprawling metropolis that is chaotic at times and somewhat crazy because of traffic almost everywhere. It is actually made up of numerous cities and neighborhoods that is unique from each other. With that said, LA as what it is generally referred to is like a lovely woman with radiating smile that will make you swoon because of its charm. There is something about LA that you cannot describe or explain in words. You just need to be there to actually feel it!


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