Island of Capri

A stunning piece of Mediterranean paradise. Amidst the influx of tourist and travelers, the Island of Capri manage to maintain its charm with so much natural beauty and elegance.


Traveling to Capri requires a long travel hour by bus and by ferry. At the end it was all worth it. A perfect option away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Rome.
The moment I stepped out of the ferry, this beaming island of Capri is nothing but an alluring Mediterranean beauty. Simply gorgeous!




Riding a minibus with fellow travelers, we headed up to Anacapri on its narrow cramped terrain and small round about that seems to be impossible to pass through when two vehicles that is unlikely to fit when they meet head to head on the narrow road haha!


15 16

Anacapri is a small town with lovely traditional Italian houses with vines, orange and lemon trees.

25 23

The highest peak in Anacapri at 1,932 ft. is Mt. Solaro. A 10 minutes ride on a single wooden chair lift is quite a thrilling experience especially it was cloudy and windy that day. The view is spectacular along the way.




The 360 degrees view at Mt. Solaro is definitely a must see. Truly breathtaking!



We went back to Capri and take a boat ride. It’s one of the best way to see the island in another perspective. The colorful houses and structures cascading down from the side of the mountain, crystal blue water of the Bay of Naples. Such an awesome experience!






Passing through the small arch of the famous iconic rock formation of Faraglioni Rocks, that was featured in Dolce and Gabbana ads. Such an amazing site!


28 27

However, we were not able to get through the Blue Grotto because it was high tide at the time. Grotta Azzurra is also known as the blue sea cave where sunlight passes through the water and illuminates bright blue color reflection.

36 35

Within the southwest coast is the Lighthouse of Punta Carera. According to research it has been keeping vigil over the Tyrrhenian Sea since 1867. It’s the second tallest and brightest lighthouse in Italy, after Genoa.



The rest of the afternoon was just spent sauntering around Marina Grande looking for souvenir and taking last minute pictures before heading back to Rome. Prices in the island of Capri is quite expensive, seems like custom-made for the affluent one haha! However, just go through the different shops and hopefully you’ll be lucky to find some bargains… and that is what I am good at haha!
It’s quite ineffable how to describe what I feel about Capri. Such a lovely island with picturesque landscape and crystal blue green water that is truly stunning in every angle. Whether you’re at the highest peak of the island or just within the coastline, Capri is truly captivating!




12 thoughts on “Island of Capri

  1. I love it that i can travel theough your blogs jhune. Capri is indeed captivating, ganda nung cave with the sunlight peeping through and giving the serene blue color to the water. Thanks. Till the next one?😊😊😊

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