Chengdu, China

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Far from the everyday attractions, there’s a place that makes your visit to China out of the ordinary.
Chengdu, the home of more than 100 Giant Pandas and more than 70 Red Pandas at the “Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding,” the very reason why we traveled to the capital city of Sichuan province of China.



The long drive to Chengdu was all worth it once you see up close these adorable creatures with thick black and white fur, black patches in their eyes and ears, black legs and black bands around their shoulder that is so unique.


Honestly, I am not a fan of zoo’s, but this breeding sanctuary is an exception and totally different from a zoo. They preserve, study, research and breed this amazing creatures. It is a well laid out with lush vegetation in an almost natural habitat of Giant Pandas.

IMG_2555 IMG_2568

Did you know that all Giant Pandas are owned by China? Do you believed that? And here’s more… they began to offer Pandas to other nations only on ten-years loan. The standard loan terms include a fee of up to 1 million US Dollar per year and a provision that any cubs born during the loan be the property of the People’s Republic of China. Surprisingly true!
Pandas have these appealing qualities that is so loved by everyone. The older one’s are quite inactive and can be seen eating and sleeping most of the time.

IMG_2577 IMG_2616

These majestic mammals knew how to relax in their natural man made environment haha!



While the younger one’s wobble around like an innocent child and playfully stumbles like a bumbling chump haha! They are arguably the cutest animal there is!

IMG_2587 IMG_2588

IMG_2586 IMG_2584

Unfortunately that during our visit, the special infant panda area was close. It should have been a fascinating sight to see delicate newborns .
The picture taking with a young panda is also not available, therefore the chance to be side by side with a fluffy young panda on a picture is impossible. This happens to ensure the pandas remain in calm soothing environment.



To see and capture photographs of these enchanting and endangered creatures is such an experience. Truly awesome!



Another equally adorable panda is the Red Panda. Just like the Giant Panda, Red Panda’s status is also endangered. They are more active and moves faster compared to the Giant Panda. It has a reddish brown fur with distinct marks on its face and tail. It has a long fluffy tail and small ears. Its whiskers are white and long.


IMG_2704 IMG_2703

Unlike the black and white Giant Panda, the Red Panda’s are not all owned by China, because they do exist in the mountains of Nepal and Northern Myanmar.
As a side trip we visited “Jinsha Site Museum,” which was built to protect, study and display archaeological finds of Jinsha site which was discovered not long ago by archaeologist in February 2001.



According to our guide, altogether there are 63 sacrificial spots, 6,000 pieces of precious relics, over 70 building spots and 3 centralized cemeteries were unearthed in Jinsha site.
One building was built around a huge excavation pit where most of the precious remains of their archaeological findings where discovered.

IMG_2872 IMG_2802

Some of the most precious relics that  have been collected in the site are the following:
“Sun and Immortal Bird Gold ornament”









“Gold Mask”

IMG_2849 IMG_2913

“Bronze Human Figure”


“Bronze Standing Figure”


“Elephant Tusks and Wild Boar Tusks”






China is tremendously huge, sometimes the less known cities gives you an awe-inspiring travel experience. Just like the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda, after how many years of breeding and taking care every single Panda, although still in endangered status, now they are multiplying in numbers. The tremendous effort to keep these adorable endangered creatures to breed is truly incomparable.
Panda’s are China’s national treasure. They excellently taken the lead on conservation of these enchanting creatures. And because of that, generation to come will still have the chance to see these unbearably cute fluffy Pandas.


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