Potipot Island Zambales, Philippines

Looking for a warm winter destinations that allow you to commune with nature and enjoy the beach. A short escape from the crisp cold winter months in Europe, North America and the Middle East especially during the Christmas holiday season. The best way is to spend it with family and friends in Philippines.
Philippines archipelago is a tropical country in the Pacific Ocean comprising of more than 7,000 islands. One island that is not so new destination but lately it’s becoming popular, thanks to social media and netizens who keeps buzzing how stunning this islet in Zambales.


Potipot Island is a small privately owned island about 7.5 hectares, located at Uacon, Candelaria province of Zambales. You can reach Uacon by bus from Manila in 6 to 7 hours.
There are several resorts at Uacon if you prefer not to stay overnight at the island. Since we arrived quite a bit late, we decided to visit our friend at Candelaria, had a late lunch and later proceed to a resort within the Uacon coastline.


IMG_3070 IMG_3114

I get up early the next day hoping to witness the sunrise before heading to the island. As I walk to the seaside, cool breeze of the aromatic sea air brushes against my skin. Nothing is more calm and sublime watching how serene the waves of the sea while the sun appears to rise above the horizon. A promise of a new day and of a new beginning. For travel enthusiasts like us, it’s a new day to wander around haha!

IMG_3306 IMG_3185



From the Uacon coastline you can find boat services to transport you to Potipot Island. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes of boat ride.

IMG_3205 IMG_3222

For me the location of Potipot island is a little bit secluded and indeed a very inviting destination. The sand is softly white with just the right comforting warmth compared to the dark sand at Uacon coastline. Impressive!




The good thing about this pristine island is that, it is still hardly commercialized. No hotels or resorts on the island.They have a modern nipa-hut tree houses that you can rent, or to a more adventurous one you can rent or bring your own tent.


IMG_3608 IMG_3405

You can never go wrong in a seaside weekend getaway. Lay in the sun, walk on the sand barefoot and let your lungs breath in the pure crisp air.

IMG_3407 IMG_3448

Lazing-on-the-beach are the best way to unwind while admiring the beauty of the white sand and crystal clear blue green water of this charming islet.

IMG_3498 IMG_3570

I could never resist a good travel… moreover a good place like Potipot Island. A small paradise escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A perfect place to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. An alleviating pleasure when you get away from the hurly-burly and stresses of everyday living.
Just as I love the island, the province of Zambales is truly worth visiting.


As we are about to leave, I looked behind for the last time… the scenery of this stunning tiny island is truly impressive that I am hoping it will improve in some basic facilities without compromising its natural beauty as well as the nature.


As I said goodbye to this charming islet, my footprints are already starting to fade away as if I had never been there.












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