Unwind at Sharm El-Sheikh

With technology and social media, sometimes all we are looking for is somewhere to switch off and relax. A place you certainly won’t find difficult to sit back and take everything easy… just simply unwind!
Sharm El-Sheikh, an Egyptian city on the Southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. A Stunning place to enjoy the sun, sand, and the sea.

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It is said that taking off from the stress of life and work once in a while is healthy. Just a quiet solo time is such a breath of fresh air. As life is much better with a company, sometimes being alone away from everybody and everything is as good as healing oneself from the negativity that life gives our body, mind, and soul. The world we are living is truly chaotic and full of stress.
As for me finding inner peace through travel simply teaches me how to be happy and more relaxed, more confident, and see the world as a brighter place. It helps to heal and recreate ourselves from breaking apart. Life might be exhausting… but it is amazing!


I particularly love getting up early to witness the sunrise while everyone is still under their blanket having the time of their life suspending their consciousness. 


The rise of the sun above the horizon in Sharm El-Sheikh is captivating. The serenity of the surrounding while locals and tourists are still asleep is just a way to see the tranquil state of the place. Sometimes it is what we exactly need… a peaceful environment.




This time I want to take it slow, no particular itinerary. Wake up late. Read a book. Stroll the old market and visit places where tourist and locals go, but in time when everyone is still in bed. It is the best time to saunter around and haggle for some travel souvenirs haha!


The nightlife in Naama Bay is bustling with tourist and locals partying all night with sidewalk cafes and restaurants offering traditional and western dishes and not to mention different gimmicks to attract tourist. Shops of souvenir items are also everywhere.
Since I did not travel to enjoy nightlife this time, which I am mostly not, I prefer to stay away from the crowd. Instead, I visited the area early morning and the street is truly pleasant and peaceful haha!

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This time I don’t follow any map, I wander the streets and intentionally get lost. Traveling makes me realized that there are so many things to see everywhere off the beaten path.
There was a slight sandstorm one afternoon while I was ambling around looking for a nice spot to watch the sunset. I came across with this race track and by no hesitation, I get a kick out of it as I revel in. It was fun!


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When you’re near to the boiling point of life’s stress and uncertainty, it is the time to leave the everyday behind and do something new and get out of your normal surrounding. Sometimes we travel not because we want to go around and be active. A state of mind that you just want to relax and do something different in a foreign land.
My family and friends usually tell me that I am running away each time I travel.
I am not running away. To travel is not running away. It’s seeking peace through adventures and nothing wrong with that. Perhaps for some, they use to travel to run away for whatever reason and nothing wrong with that. To each his own!
My desire to travel is like a wildfire that is not easy to contain. It’s burning immensely and I was drawn into it. I got hooked on the thrill and adventures. It becomes the norm and the sedentary life just feels weird and foreign.
My long weekend stays in Sharm El-Sheikh is truly a breath of fresh air. Marriott Hotel in Naama Bay is just the perfect place to be. 

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The best thing I did was getting lost through the winding streets. You’ll find the best restaurants, lovely scenery, the best spot to take photos. Kind local people who love to mingle and exchange stories with travelers.
As much as tourist spots are a must see, still it is nice to learn something to experience and see authentic things going on when you immerse yourself into a new and unique culture. 
You can never go wrong in a seaside weekend getaway, Sharm El-Sheikh is a perfect place to escape the urban jungle once in a while. This place is just too beautiful not to go.
Shokran jazillan Sharm El-Sheikh!














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